Call for Papers: Dickens Day 2017, ‘Dickens and Fantasy’

When: Saturday 14 October 2017

Where: Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Dickens Day 2017 will be considering Dickens and Fantasy.

Jointly run by Birkbeck, Cardiff University and the Dickens Fellowship, this one-day conference will explore all aspects of Dickens and fantasy. We invite proposals for 20-minute papers on any aspect of the theme and warmly encourage Dickensians and scholars of all backgrounds and career stages to apply. Topics could include but are not limited to:

  • Fantasy, fancy and the imagination
  • Dickens’s ‘Christmas’ books
  • Dickens and neo-Victorian fantasy, steampunk and gaslight romances
  • Dickens, fantasy and science-fiction
  • Dickens, pantomime and theatrical fantasy
  • ‘Gaslight Fairies’: Dickens’s journalism and fantasy
  • ‘Frauds on the Fairies’: Dickens and fairy tales
  • The ‘romantic side of familiar things’: fantasy and the everyday
  • ‘Swart giants, Slaves of the lamp of knowledge’: technology, science and fantasy
  • Robert Buss’s Dickens’ Dream
  • Fantasy and Dickens’s illustrators
  • One Thousand and One Nights and Tales of the Genii
  • Fantasy versus utility
  • Dickens characters in other fantasy works (e.g. Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next novels)
  • Dickens and Television fantasies (e.g. Doctor Who and Tony Jordan’s Dickensian)
  • Mr Dick, Harold Skimpole, Mr Bounderby and other Dickensian fantasists
  • Oliver Twist’s dream and other Dickensian dreams, nightmares, delusions and hallucinations
  • Dickens, Freud and the unconscious
  • Dickens’s creative process: acting, making faces in the mirror, hearing voices?
  • ‘Good Mrs Brown’: Dickens, fantasy and pornography

Please send proposals (maximum 500 words) to Bethan Carney, Holly Furneaux and Ben Winyard at bethan.carney@gmail.com, furneauxh@cardiff.ac.uk and benwinyard@hotmail.com.

The deadline for paper proposals is 31st May 2017.

The full CfP is available to download as a PDF:

sitemanagerCall for Papers: Dickens Day 2017, ‘Dickens and Fantasy’

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