Friday 22 March: Victorian Women’s Writing: Pasts, Presents and Futures

Victorian Women at a Writing Desk

Friday 22 March 2019 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm in the Keynes library

The History of British Women’s Writing, 1830-1880,edited by Lucy Hartley

You are warmly invited to a panel discussion, followed by a reception, to mark the launch of the final item (vol. 6) in Palgrave’s The History of British Women’s Writing series

The panel comprises Professor Lucy Hartley, Dr Flore Janssen, Professor Cora Kaplan, and Dr Jenny Kohn. Speakers will discuss the volume, the series, and past, present and future thinking about Victorian women’s writing. Chaired by Dr Ella Dzelzainis (Newcastle University).

Panel presentations will be followed by general discussion and a reception.



Lucy Hartley is Professor of English at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  She is the author ofPhysiognomy and the Meaning of Expression in Nineteenth-Century Culture (2001) and Democratising Beauty in Nineteenth-Century Britain: Art and the Politics of Public Life (2017). She is currently working on a biography of a social movement led by Henrietta and Samuel Barnett and organized around the Whitechapel Fine Art Loan Exhibitions and Toynbee Hall. She edited The History of British Women’s Writing, 1830-1880(2018).


Flore Janssen completed a PhD on activist writers Margaret Harkness and Clementina Black at Birkbeck in 2018, and has since held a Wellcome ISSF fellowship examining late nineteenth-century debates around poverty and public health. Her latest project involves the digitisation of a Salvation Army periodical.


Cora Kaplan is Honorary Professor of English at Queen Mary, University of London and Professor Emerita of English at the University of Southampton.

Her last book is Victoriana: Histories, Fictions, Criticism (2007).  Her current research is on race and gender in Victorian Britain and on contemporary memoir. With Professor Jennie Batchelor (Kent) she has been co-general editor of the 10 Volume Palgrave MacMillan series, History of British Women’s Writing.


Jenny Kohn recently completed her doctoral degree at the University of Michigan. Her dissertation, “Debating Difference in an Age of Reform: Liberal Praxis and Representation in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Britain,” explores the function of difference and the nature of equality in the 1850s and 1860s, and offers an account of liberal thought, organizing, and aesthetics at a key moment of historical transformation in British society. She is currently working on an article on the Langham Place group of feminist activists.

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sitemanagerFriday 22 March: Victorian Women’s Writing: Pasts, Presents and Futures

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