MA Romantic Studies

This interdisciplinary Master’s degree in Romantic studies takes a material approach to Romantic culture, reading Romantic literature within a multi-sensorial aesthetic as part of a wide range of cultural practices.

The period 1750-1850 marked the rise of the museum, the gallery and the zoo, consumer culture, the development of retail outlets, and more publicised forms of collecting. The core module Romantic Feelings gives you a strong grounding in the literature of the period, enabling you to think about history through the forms in which it ‘came home’ to the reader, drawing on Romantic notions of spectatorship, sympathy and emotion ‘recollected in tranquillity’. In the second core module, Romantic Objects, each class introduces you to a Romantic object, text and disciplinary angle: you will analyse and read about stuffed birds, exotic artefacts from colonial travel, locks of hair, death masks, monuments, souvenirs in Romantic-period museums, environments and displays.

Through collaboration with specialists in the Department of European Cultures and Languages, this programme offers you the opportunities to think about the local, national, transnational and global circuits of Romantic culture.

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