Summer Programme 2021

Birkbeck Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies

Programme: Summer Term 2021

13 May, 7pm.   Prof Lauren F Klein (Emory). ‘What Data Visualization Reveals: Elizabeth Palmer Peabody and the Work of Knowledge Production’

20 May, 5pm.   Prof. Josephine McDonagh (Chicago). ‘Thinking about … Literature in a Time of Migration’.

Respondent: Prof Charlotte S. Sussman (Duke)

17 June, 5pm. Dr Kate Nichols (Birmingham). ‘Tigers and a Global History of Victorian Art’. 

Respondent: Dr Lara Atkin (Kent)

10 June, 6pm. ‘Headspaces: Science, Fiction, and the Boundaries of the Mind in the Nineteenth Century’.

A symposium feat. Prof Roger Luckhurst (Birkbeck), Prof. Anna Neill (Kansas), Dr Elsa Richardson (Strathclyde), and Dr Aren Roukema (Birkbeck)

23 June, 6pm. ‘Blake as caricature, caricature as Blakean analysis: visual and verbal responses to scandal in 1809’.

Online Seminar. Participants tbc.

sitemanagerSummer Programme 2021

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